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I bought the 30" timemaster in September last year, i was weary of putting out $1000 for an unproven non commercial mower, before i bought it i was running 3 honda non commercial gvc190s. I was looking for a mower to improve my cutting times and my hondas were starting to have some issues after 2 years of heavy usage.

Overall i'm pleased with the timemaster, the honda's usually cost me around 600 a piece and the extra 400 i spent on the timemaster pays for itself in time saved in mowing.

The upsides to it are, less mowing time, mulches and bags very very well. Having 2 seperate spindles helps!its fast, you can run behind this thing when mowing.

The downsides to it are, its a lot heavier to handle than your average push mower, especially when wet or when the drive starts slowing down after hard useage. It bogs down in grass higher than say 6-8inches, it drinks fuel, for one tank expect to get 1-2 average size yards, i get 3-4 out of my hondas. the finished cut quality isnt as good as my honda's cut. that's not to say i dont think it cuts well, its just not as good as finish as the qudrablade system that honda uses. Also changing belts on this mower is a pain in the ass! there's 3 different belts running. Toro where only offering a 90day warranty when i bought mine as it was new on the market. This worried me, i bought it anyway as i have a good relationship with the dealer and i buy all my equipment there so they pretty much told me if anything goes wrong they would take care of me anyway.

Even after the downsides listed i would still buy another one!

In my opinion i would always buy non commercial over commercial for residential mowing. usually the differences are in heavier duty transmissions and that kind of thing, i don't think the cut quality is any better. i took the view instead of spending 12-1500 on a commerical unit, i could have 2/3 non commercial units, Ive had my hondas for 2 years now and ive had one belt and one transmission replaced. cost me around $250 for parts. Ive made a 100 times what i spent on them already and i expect them to last another 2 years with some repairs, all my customers comment on how nice their lawn looks, and ive still spent less than $2000 for 3 really good reliable mowers.

However, in my opinion, this theory does not apply for Zero turns!
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