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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Not trying to hurt your feelings,,, but when I find myself in a situation that I can't determine where an idea is coming from I take a few minutes to analyse the thoughts going into the statements put forth... when I come up with the wrong mindset it is usually sorted out after brief discussion...
With civil discourse eventually we are all on the same page... when we run with the distractions and rabbit trials we no longer are able to "Figure out"(as you put it), the meaning of my posts... but feel free to agree with the plumber about how stupid I am...
I think as has been said before, there are no magic means and there are several components to maintaining and improving soil structure. Each would have multiple implications thus the rabbit holes.

Not letting the soil dry out too much as well as keeping it too wet is a problem. If by plumber you mean an irrigation guy? They do study how much water to apply to soils and it does depend on many factors.

Plant type
Root Depth
Soil Type

Then you have to considered application rates and so forth to minimize waste.

Or are you talking about plumbing from what they can supply to the compost pile?
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