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Originally Posted by LawnDeveloper View Post
Not to throw too much confusion into the thread, but Google also relies heavily on personalized search results. If you stay logged into your google account whenever you search and click the results google is recording it all, they use that click data to determine which results are quality and relevant. If you use G+ and have people in your "circles" then whenever you search for a result the influence of your "circles" will determine the search results. Honestly I've been in SEO for the last decade and I have a hard time keeping up with the changes. I don't know how Google expects the average small business owner to keep up either.
This has been touched upon in other threads. Google will even say you have visited this site x times in since date.

It is good to get someone else to do a search for you from different region / ip and so forth just to make sure you are not influenced.

You can log out of google and clear cookies and wipe out internet temp files to get a better idea. Change browsers even but you still have to purge.

Google now says I have had 500 impressions so I kind of have to watch that and see what happens. I think I have placed my IP correctly in the filter but I am not 100% sure of that
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