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Originally Posted by LawnDeveloper View Post
Hey tonygreek,

No consulting services being offered here. I don't like dealing with the clients so no worries there. Agreed you can't just pick a niche and try to make a blanket solution it won't work not everybody or industry has the same needs. And quite often many people don't recognize inefficiencies in their industry or business until someone from the outside takes a look with a different set of eyes. It's called muscle memory once you do something for so long you develop habits be they good, bad, or inefficient.

But it's cool I'm here to learn, observe and help where I can.

Take care
Re: the miscommunication surrounding my point on consulting services... I wasn't inferring that you were offering services, or even interested in traditional consulting. By "consultant", I'm referring to someone who takes a look at a business and sees what needs improving (whether by a roadmap of suggested improvements or a product that can be developed to facilitate some aspect of the business), which is the question and path you seem to be asking and on. "Consulting" is a nebulous term, but I mean it in the most general sense of observing and examining to provide a better outcome, which is ultimately what you're attempting to do.
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