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For what it is worth. I have used one of these truck mounted mini crane/winch combo things from northern. The crane was cheap and only lasted about a year. Salt from the winter ate right through all the piston seals that lifted the boom. Oil leaked everywhere. Secondly, the way these units mount to a Pick Up bed is a large plate of steel under the bed bolted to the crane body in the bed which sandwidges the truck bed between two pieces of steel creating a lot of twisting pressue on the bed. Sounds like a good idea, but the bed of a pick up truck is pretty thin and actually bends under the crane loads. Thses cranes probably work much better in a utility body where the floor is much thicker. I was not happy with my Northern Crane. By the time I was done re-inforcing the bed, installing a new better boom pump, and some other minor mods, I had easily spent a grand. Get a leaf loader even if its used. The right tool for the right job. Hope this helps with your decision. Good luck either way.
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