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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I am seeking some suggestions on engine repair. I know many of those on the Western PA board are from north of Pittsburgh, but I would like someplace south. I am about 15 miles SW of Pittsburgh.

My Kaw has a slow oil leak. It is a 19hp, twin cylinder, driving my John Deere 717A. The oil leak is from the "bottom" of the engine. I'm sorry I cannot be more specific. All I can see is the oil coming off the engine deck, at the rear. It could be an oil seal on the lower end of the crank, but could be something more serious.

I usually do all my own repair work, but do not want to tackle something this project. It is beyond what I believe I am capable.

This machine, nor any of my machines, has been to a repair shop. I don't have any experiences, either positive or negative, about quality of work, costs, response, etc.

I did check with one shop, but they only put your equipment in the que upon arrival, and leave the machine sit outside until ready to work. My machines have never sat outside, and don't like this arrangement. Without finding something else, this may be my best path.

Any suggestions that are within a reasonable distance?

Check out Steel City Mower and Plow, super nice dudes and they know what they're doing. Not sure if they can help you but it's worth a try.
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