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I am going to start implementing new pricing structures as I've been unsuccessful recently landing new bids. The problem I see down here is people have these very detailed landscapes, and what I do is give a monthly price to take care of the entire gamut regarding maintenance stuff. I have found that people love the idea, but when they get the proposal they have a seisure. I either don't hear back or get the whole it's too much. So what I'm going to do is offer 3 plans. All will be full maintenance so no mow blow and go. One plan will be a monthly rate to do everything but no detail work such as deadheading, pulling dead leaves off of tropicals, etc. the second plan will be to do everything the first plan does and the detail work. The third plan will be a flat monthly fee for lawn and formal hedges and then an hourly rate for detail work where the client can tell us how many hours to put in each month. I feel it gives the client more control and options and I can get more clients this way. I think the hourly plan is going to work well on larger estates or garden type landscapes where there is a lot to do so the client can see how much work goes in because that is where I think the problem lies. A lot of people just don't see how much time is invested in landscape heavy properties and the cheaper companies just neglect a lot of the work so they can give a lower bid.
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