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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
I feel it gives the client more control and options and I can get more clients this way. I think the hourly plan is going to work well on larger estates or garden type landscapes where there is a lot to do so the client can see how much work goes in because that is where I think the problem lies. A lot of people just don't see how much time is invested in landscape heavy properties and the cheaper companies just neglect a lot of the work so they can give a lower bid.
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One thing I do is send an estimate from QB's with a line item for each service.

Line One is MOW BLOW and Go 36 times a year @ $$
Line two is clean beds 4 times a year @$$
so on and so forth covering all the items we discussed.

I send the estimate for their review with a note that these are my recommendations for their review. Any and all can be bundled into a monthly agreement or as an add on. I also tell them we can increase of decrease the frequency based on their needs.

I will often get an e-mail back looking kind of like this. This is a real response edit to protect the Innocent.

1. On the invoice you stated that the lawn should be top dressed, aerated and treated with pre-emergent on the same day. So, that cost would be XXX, plus XXX.00, correct? I would want to pay for that part in one lump sum. I know we need to do this pretty soon. My front and backyard have a lot of weeds. Especially the back.

2. The aeration would be done in both front and back, correct?

3. Please reduce TRIM Shrubs to 2 times per year

4. Also, reduce seasonal color change to 1 time per year (summer flowers)

5. At time of summer flower plantings, will the new mulch also be put out at that time?

6. Reduce Clean beds and General grooming to 4 times per year

This comes to $$$ per month correct?

I then change the estimate and resent with a note. If they agree then I draft up the agreement.
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