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Since you made the tour of the FX factory, I was hoping that you could shed some light on the inner workings of the Luxor transformer.

I have a client that has a outdoor BBQ area and overhang. They want to be able to control the upper lights and the down lights on separate dual dimmer controls and wanted to use LED lights. Have only seen the "Zane LED dimmer" that will allow control of LED lights and don't know much about the FX ZD lights with the Luxor transformer to be able to make this work and not sure if this is an overkill approach.

I uploaded pics of the overhang and the BBQ area so that you know what I'm dealing with.

Client was looking at the FX "PB" up light for the tongue & groove ceiling sections and the "NL" down light for the work areas and wanted the up lights and the down lights to be on separate dimmers and wanted to control the on/off with the remote that he has for the pool equipment.

Wasn't sure if the Luxor transformer would be able to handle a dimmer or if the Luxor has an easy on/off or dimmer capabilities beyond the actual programming of scenes. Was originally going to mount the transformer under the BBQ area, but if it is capable of on-the-fly dimming and on/off controlling then I might mount it on the back of one of the upright posts and do away with the dimmers. Do you just turn the wheel to access the different scenes?

Was hoping that you or someone on the forum could chime in and let me know the capabilities of the FX system.

Also, does anybody know if you can run halogen lights along with the ZD lights to be able to dim the halogen at the same rate as the ZD lights with the Luxor transformer or does it take the special ZD chip to be able to work?


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