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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
We can influence the process as spoken of ad nauseum, in phrases like , 'proper irrigation and culural practices',,, so let's try offering an opinion and explanation as to whether:
(1.) allowing the top inch of soil to dry out b4 another irrigation event,,, or (2.) keeping the suface soils wet through out the growing season...

My answer is:
No. 1 ,,, and one reason for it is to overcome the 'platy structure' issue in the case of clay textured soils...
I already gave you my answer to your question.
Please explain why you think allowing the top inch to dry out will overcome the platy structure of clay. And why you think that will do so without any other procedures.

There is no "bashing" in this post so I would appreciate it if you would discuss your own question without allowing other opinions to get under your skin.

The drawback of the OBE strategy in the gov'tt school system is that the outcomes are ensured without an understanding as to how those outcomes(conclusions) were reached... The notion of "let's think this through" is completely foriegn ,,, isn't it???

Just stay on tract, you are only disrupting your own discussion with comments like that.
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