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Wow! Awesome reply CrystalCreek! Thank you so much for your input! Would you happen to know if they HAVE to be mounted that way? (I initially did not think about stress from weight) I have a ford f350 super duty with a 10ft. dump bed.... I can tell you however, that I do not think my dump bed is any tougher or thicker than a pick up bed but I guess I have to inspect it. Do you think a Welder could weld a plate(like a shelf) off of the side of the very back of the dump bed? Would that be OK for DOT? I guess it would have to be super thick and have reinforcements to handle the weight.. More questions for you! I hope you don't mind! What were you lifting with your crane? Were you lifting tarps? Any other junk? Stones? Stumps? If you were lifting tarps with leaves....... Did you have the clearance to get it into your bed? That is something I was definitely worried about.. Thank you so much for your reply and I really look forward to your answers to my questions... We actually have a lot in common, I have been in the industry for 15 years and this is going to be my first "real" year out as a solo operator. Walkers are by far my most beloved mowers with Scag coming in right behind it.
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