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Starting from the top and working down...

- Homestead web sites are really bad, antiquated code, so you start out at a disadvantage to some others. They have validation issues galore, rely on inline css and tables for the layout, creating hugely inefficient sites. I reviewed another one this morning and it was also a Homestead site, so I see this is their standard code base.

- The BBB logo is difficult to read on a green background.

- The phone number is impossible to read on Chrome due to the phone number turning in to a blue "call now" link. In fact, I can't read it on any of the background colors.

- The menu options jumping to bold italicized on hover just isn't visually appealing. You don't want elements of your page jumping and distorting like that.

- "(Click on the tabs above to learn more about us)" You really don't need this under your main menu. People know how menus work and, to be honest, if you have to include directions on how to get around your site, you've done something wrong.

- The white text and font, on a green background, is a very difficult read for me. I find the text to be visually distracting as I try to read it in that, while reading a stretch of words, my eyes are continuously pulled to the surrounding text.

- At least in Chrome, the "we are a family-owned" line has an error causing text to double up/overlay other text.

- In the footer, I don't "get" what this is:
Business to Business>Commercial Building Services>Land & Erosion Services > Business Profile

- On your Gallery page, add context and location-based info to your pictures. As a visitor, if I don't know what I'm looking at, neither do the search engines.

- On the Contact page you have a QR Code that, when I took the effort to scan sent my phone to...your home page. I can tell you that misused QR Codes are one of the biggest aggravations for those who scan. This is one of those times. There was no convenience factor or payoff. If you choose to use it on signage, print media, etc, I would highly recommend having it going to a special landing page and not just your home page.

- You have almost no on-page SEO. I'd recommend reading some of the previous site review threads and you'll find a lot of helpful info (Google and seomoz's beginner SEO guides). You'll also want to do the usual things and add a sitemap.xml file, Google Analytics, and create Google and Bing webmaster accounts.

For a first effort, you're on the right track. You just need to deal with various usability and SEO issues and you'll be further along than you are now.
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