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Understood. I have work for landscape and two excavation companies since I was 15 and am close to all the owners and they have been helpful along the way, as well as now. They too have provided great insight and have offered their support down the road. I was quoted $54,000 at 0% for 42 months for a fully loaded 2013 35D. I am thankful for all your guys help and defiantly won't be running out tomorrow and buying anything
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If you have cash on hand don't buy brand new equipment the only time I can justify buying new equipment is that I need it financed or it's new and not available in the preowned market. Just like cars equipment depreciates the second it's off the sales lot. Buy a year old model with 200 hours or less on it. I was able to buy our $30k skid steer for $8k less than new with 92 hours on it remember the adage 'cash is king'. The most successful people I know in construction own all there equipment outright and if they can't afford it they rent until it justifies purchase. I tore my ACL in my knee skiing the other winter and setup a much slower year to recover if I had a bunch of equipment payments I couldn't had that luxury. Another angle to consider is my local equipment (Case) dealer will do rent to own programs where 90% of your rental costs go towards purchasing the equipment you gain experience in testing models etc, I was able to try out 4 excavators over a 2 year period before purchasing one and they actually sold me the rental I had used for fair market value.
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