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Originally Posted by ELS Landscape View Post
Regarding the QR codes. I understand the reasoning for a different page than home so you can track the effectiveness. Do you think they should go to an offer of any type? Or just a page that expands on and id directly related the marketing message?
An offer or call to action would help convert visitors to buyers, or at least a more tailored page, especially one that is suitable for mobile. If your QR is on a yard sign at a completed job site, something along the lines of a landing page that says, "Looks like you like what you see. If you'd like your [whatever] looking like this, call today and give us [offer code] for [offer]."

I forgot to mention one key point as it pertains to Chautauqua's QR use, and that's that a QR is used by mobile devices. The larger issue is actually that the site does not look good on a phone. The formatting is thrown off and the colors make it pretty unreadable. Here's the way I'm seeing it, and exact size, after scanning the QR...
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