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Originally Posted by B&Clawncare View Post
My gross profits are pretty much tax and gas/ and some money to fix the mowers. I have. 52" scag pro v. And 2 36" walk behinds. 21ft trailer. Everything is payed for including my truck. My accounts range from 8k -35k sq ft. Having accounts in the same neighborhood is crucial to cut gas usage and save time. What system to you use for fert and squirt? Jcontracting
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No insurance?
You'll have much more for expenses than that, everything from grease, grease guns, to tools you may end up having to buy, envelopes, postage (which adds up quick), dump fees, safety equipment. That's only the tip of the iceberg, there's much more than just fuel & maintenance.
I subbed out the spraying to a Spring Green franchise as I don't have the equipment for it. I did the granular myself with a push spreader. The funny about that is, Spring Green only uses push spreaders for granular also. But their spray setup is a tank with a pump & hose. Which I'll probably buy this year or a Perma-green brand type sprayer.

From now on, this thread will not be about gaining "xx accounts". 20 accounts that are 18 acre schools or large commercial properties are MUCH different than 20 residential properties under 8000 sq ft. If a goal is income related, post the gross dollar figure.
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