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Originally Posted by CircleC View Post
You also have to remember the larger spray company is buying fert in very large volumes. You may be buying 20-30 bags per round when the large company is buying 20-30 pallets per round.

If your price is higher due to price of fert you need to work on selling your skill and your ability to provide a great service along with a worry free lawn.

If you are already mowing them, they need to be fert customers no question! Your ability to handle "all the customers" needs is a premium and it cost to have that service. People these days are more willing to pay a few bucks more for good service.
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Yes very true. I'm trying to figure out a way to take the focus off the cost per application and go more for a growing season rate for those who I don't generally mow for. Bundle some services etc.

If a non mowing client insists on scalp low mowing, daily irrigation and bagging clippings constantly thus pulling up the slow release fert I just put down or bridge organic based fert.... I don't want them as clients. Also if they don't care if their current appliation Co. leaves dry fert all over walks and drive ways - I'm wasting my efforts on them. My way or the highway.

First applications tend to go down in March here. Need to get this figured out pretty quickly.
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