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Originally Posted by TheGoat View Post
Looks cool but I predict a DCMA take down notice for that sound track soon. Unless you have licensed "Sail" from AWOL Nation
If it passes youtubes upload its ok. Youtube only lets you use certain songs.

Originally Posted by ironchef66 View Post
Do you have any problems flying it? Because I know with the parrot AR Drone you get a point of view, where as this one doesn't appear to have that. I have been looking into something like this, for work but also for my snowboarding and snowmobiling trips
Its stupidly simple. I fly helis and some 3D as well. This is soooo much easier. And without a FPV like the ar drone, you defiantly need line of sight to fly. I'm getting better at judging distance. But will get FPV soon so I can fly without LOS.

Originally Posted by Belgium View Post
Dji looks sweet. Do you have any trouble flying it at higher windspeeds?
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Nope, flew it in 15mph winds the other day. The day of video was 5-10mph winds.

Originally Posted by RadiantLawnCare View Post
love it. how much do one of those run with the camera?
Originally Posted by jamo1911 View Post
That is so cool, I have been wanting to do that forever! I was going to get a weather balloon and hang the camera. How much did the heli cost?
This is way better than a balloon. Total cost for the Phantom is $697 plus the gopro. And of course I have 5 batteries. This is the cheapest RTF system you can get. And it is the easiest to fly.
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