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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
A small dump wouldn't really work for me because of the concrete and rock I haul. I'd like to have no smaller than a single axle international with a 466..(I think is what it is)
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I was recommending the 550 size(even a 350/450 size) if you were looking to substitute that for a pickup. That way you have a better towing rig and still can haul small amounts(the 550 will be much better with more capacity). When I had that 350 with a flatbed dump, while it didn't carry much it was great for attachments or carrying stuff that wouldn't fit in a pickup bed.

If you are thinking of going with a 'two ton' dump then this is another topic. Around here you can get well spec'ed old county single axles pretty cheap($5-10,000 range). A regular single axle wouldn't be too bad, that's what I started with and now you can get much better trucks(diesel/auto).
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