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I'll be 23 this summer. I have between 35 and 40 accounts, including 1 church with an acre of turf and 2 acres that is an empty lot, half a dozen houses with 1/3 to 1/2 acre lawns, and the rest are between 5000 and 10000 square feet. The majority are mowing and fert/weed control accounts, though I have a few mow n go, as well as a few additional accounts that are fert/weed only. I also offer aeration, seeding, detatching etc that I push pretty heavy in the fall.

This year I would like to pick up a few more accounts and be right around 50, with the majority being full service. Plan to use the additional revenue to pay off debt, I wanna go into next winter with just a house payment. That way I can start with a clean slate in 2014, and will probably finance a Zspray and possibly another pickup in the spring.

I'm pretty well set on mowing equipment for 2 to 3 years probably. I'd like to add a 52" Stander or trade my Grasshopper in on a Lazer Z (preferably with the bad ass new EFI setup), but that will have to wait till I can pay cash for it.

Another goal is to set up a traditional IRA account, in which contributions are made with pre tax money, so you can write off up to $5,000 a year.

I need to spend more time and money on advertising and branding. Something I haven't done much of at all up till now, but I have a LOT of older customers that I'm sure will soon be downsizing or moving to a retirement community so I need to have enough advertising out there to at least bring in accounts to replace those at a bare minimum.
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