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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
We have built plenty of walls similar to this in the past without issue......
Whoa whoa whoa whoa. HOLD UP RIGHT THERE.

That's as far as I read before hitting the "reply" button.

One thing that drives me up the freakin wall is people saying "we did it hundreds of times and never had any problems". That's as pathetic as people saying "it is what it is", because they aren't intelligent enough to craft an intelligent statement.

I've driven my truck with the low fuel light on and never had any problems.

I've driven after a few beers and never had any problems.

People fudge their tax returns and never have problems.

People install plants too large against the front of a house and never have any problems.

Driveway paving companies used base coat for the top coat and never have problems.

People use stone dust in lieu of washed concrete sand and never have any problems.

I have a truck that goes 10,000 miles between oil changes and I've never had any problems.

But all those things I just listed are RISKS.

Why put your client at risk of enduring problems 8 years down the road???? Why???? Gilmore??

Will you still be in biz 8 yrs from now? What if you have a heart attack in 2015 an die and then in 2017 the client has a problem and then they have to pay someone else to re-do the work????

Is that your company culture? Put yourself in your clients shoes. They are trusting YOU. And trusting that everything will be smooth sailing till the day they die.

In my professional opinion, from an architectural standpoint, 3' between retaining walls is too spinley. That's like installing a 4' lead walk that's 75' long. From overhead it would look like a skinny pencil on the ground. Not proportionate.
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