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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
Lots of Pool designs where there is a wall along one or more sides. Its maybe not common but that's the idea, clients don't want ideas that are 10 years old they want new ideas. This company has a few great examples

In regards to DVS safety comment. There are hazards everywhere you look in the world. No matter how "Safe" you make something kids/irresponsible people/drunks will always find a way to get hurt. Its unfortunate that at times it can be life altering but we do what we can to protect from common injuries.

By installing a railing along the top with lockable gate access to the pool that restricts kids entering the pool area without proper supervision.

Gil - your indicated you wanted feedback.

And thusfar - all you've done is poorly justify everything.

The walls around the pool are safety hazards. And in most countys the permit department would not approve the plans. (unless they have safety rails).

We work around 40 pools a year. We had a customer who's brother died in a pool. We had a customer who's son became paralized in her pool. And we had another customer who lost a family member in a pool accident.

In the 70's or 80's they came out with national standards for how pools are designed when a diving board will go in. Such as the deep end must be so many feet long. Where previously the deep ends were shorter, people would dive off the diving board, and they would slam into the ramp that transitions the deep end into the shallow end.

As far as risks in life - I think you're smart enough to realize that I'm aware of risks.

Gilmore - do as you want. But I'm telling you - you or whoever owns the company is really creating a gigantic liability. There could be an accident 25 yrs from now, and guess who's gonna be slapped with a suit. Gate locks rust. 7 yrs later the husband is tired of fooling with a rusty lock, his kids are now teens and know how to swim, so he takes the lock off. Mom and dad go on a lovely Jamaican vacation for a week. Their 16 yr old son throws a party. Fellow classmate and swim team champion is at the party, and has had a couple beers. Next thing you know a helicopter is being dispatched and the swim team champion is taking a helicopter ride.

Not the feedback you envisioned, I know. But something you really need to think about. Safety should never be down-played. Not cute.
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