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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
I'm 19. My goals are pretty close to your's Jcontracting.
I hope to have someone out doing most of my mowing for me this year, I'll help maybe a day a week or so.
Double or triple my gross
Buy small stand-on skid steer (boxer/dingo)
Buy another truck and let the crew run mine.

To accomplish this, I am doing fliers in neighborhoods, direct mail, and ramping up my website. I let a pro do all my design work, its well worth the cost. I also invested in truck graphics last year.
I recently purchased a 7x16 4' expanded metal side trailer.
The main thing this year is continue with name recognition. Also want people to know we are a full service company, not just a mow and go company.
Post up your truck w/ graphics!

And this is huge and is very challenging and I will be working very hard to get the perception of my business to be a full service landscape design/build/maintain firm not just me running a mower and people thinking I'm some brainless kid that can operate a mower when I have a degree in Hort (in May) and am extremely knowledgeable of the industry.

I took lots of hours, at least 25-30 to build my website and it looks extremely good, it just needs a couple tweaks (a picture of me on the About section once the weather warms up and I can keep my truck clean). I have plan-it graphics handle my advertising media. My graphics guy here in MN created my logo and will be doing truck graphics.
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