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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
IMO, it is the professionals job to instruct the customer what's what. If the customer knew what it took to keep the soysia nice(reel, verticut and topdress) most would say no thanks. But that stuff isn't discussed most of the time. I know this when I see guys running a 60" Dixie chopper on empire zoysia
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Yes. Using a rotary mower is fine for the first few months. Then there is the matter of thatch build up and overgrowth. In my 12 month growing season, zoysia does build up a 4 or 5 inch mat of dead material under green sprouts of grass in one year. Your feet sink in it. Maybe that would not be the case if the lawn froze for 3 months out of the year. Then there is the matter of what a lawn looks like when the rotary blade frays the tips of the grass instead of a reel shearing it straight across.

Dixie Chopper ? That should be a National Triplex or a fairway mower. I am not talking about this craptastic mower I have seen recently consisting of 21" rotary decks in tandem. There are some golf courses locally that use these. Not only do their fairways look all torn up, there are more weeds than previously. This is a problem in a state where triazine herbicides are state RUP and Drive is illegal. If someone has their heart set on a rotary, they should be planting cool season grass, common bahia, centipede or St Augustine.
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