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Wow, good thread guys... Lot's of good info here... That's pretty amazing that you can get away with spraying around trees on your property there JasonsLawnCare1.... The folks we usually service would go bonkers if we tried to pull that off... All power to you though, if you can save yourself time while still pleasing the customer, you are doing something right. Personally, I'm going to have to agree with Florida Gardener and greendoctor on this one.. Preventative maintenence should be taking care of most of your weed problems in the first place and if you are mowing or trimming by the beds and you see a freshie pop up, yes, you should get off your mower and grab it. Most importantly, and Florida Gardener touched on this, this should all be figured into all of your estimates in the first place. Most folks who pay for lawn service just want to see perfection, nice lawn, nice flower beds, nice shrubs and bushes, nice patio, nice landscape effects, ... If you can be the guy that gives these people the peace of mind that they NEVER have to think about/worry about a single blade of grass being one tenth of centimeter too long...... You will be priceless. So...... Do not sell yourself short.... and price accordingly...........
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