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commercial account help! they dobt want to pay

Basically they owe me for services totally up to $16, 210.00 for four different properties. They are managed by professional properties management in Rockford Illinois. I sent them several invoices and every time I talked to them they stated they was list or never received. I quit doing the properties because I wasn't getting paid. I received a letter for the accounts payable dept stating I just needs to update the invoice and they would get mw a check. After send the info they requested I never received a check. So I got my lawyer to contact them with calls and certified letter they reply back this week with a local lawyer stating they are only willing to pay 5500 of the invoice and that was their third offer and final. My lawyer says we can go to court but moat likely I would be stuck with the lawyer and court fees totaling around 4000 to 6000$ where that had to be paid up front and he expects the process to take about 8 months. I have a few witnesses that worked with me and some signatures and letters from the main office. Have any of you Guysa been in this situation before if so please give some advice. My lawyer dis say it Ian possible to get the court and attorney fees out of them but slim because they will argue I breached the contract...
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