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Originally Posted by dwmason View Post
Did not take long to get a answer from a know it all. I have a license, I have a business. Was just curious what other professionals were using on rye because we don't see much in oklahoma. I hope you are not a reflection of other Georgia applicators

Based on your original post ... I read the tone as "I don't know what I'm doing and haven't done much research. Someone tell me what to do and give their program."

You can get away with treating the field like a cool season turf in the fall and winter and a warm season in spring and summer. There are many different options and chemicals that you can use depending on your budget. I would suggest spraying out the rye in spring but the heat will kill it off if budget is a concern. Soil test it for lime and nutrients needed. You can use regular lawn ore or step up to athletic field pre to avoid root pruning.

What type of program or applications do you have in place? It would be easier to suggest changes to your program rather than assume you have one in place.
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