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Mystery solved

It looks like it's really a BX2200 after all. At least that's what a newer craigslist ad says. Different ad from before but it's the same picture. But I'm of the opinion that one doesn't really have to own a tractor to advertise one for sale on the Internet. All that seems to be really needed is a photo of a tractor, especially if the price is low, and at $6000, this one might in that category. I don't know that this particular ad is a scam, but it doesn't matter to me any more since I've given up looking for a used one and will be taking delivery at the end of this month of a brand new BX2660. Must be a leftover since the latest is designated BX2670. Both have the same size engine. I guess there must be some cosmetic changes to make the BX2670 cost $1200 more, but I opted for the older model. Salesman said the one I'm getting is still crated and will be assembled this week or next, so that's new enough for me.
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