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The biggest concern with a wall like that along a whole section of pool is that a swimmer can become fatigued or have a sudden onset issue (cramps, medical event) and not have any way to get out of the water in that area. What I usually do is a submerged bench along the length of the wall. You can also put in handholds that complement the wall stone, just something a swimmer can grab onto and rest a moment. Most pool tile vendors carry them.

My bigger issue is with the way that everything seems squished together. As someone else mentioned a 3' planting space is pretty tiny and sad. Are you trying to stay clear of a drainfield or something similar? If not, I'd suggest seeing what it looks like to separate things in the space a bit. A wall along one side of a pool is one thing, but have you orbited the model so you're at water level looking into the enclosed section of the pool? It looks like a smaller pool, so I have to imagine that that end of the pool is going to feel constricted.

It's also sort of a bummer that the way everything is configured the pool is all but concealed from most of the house and upper living space.

Neat concepts but there's something that's not quite singing yet for me. This will be a cool project when it's all said and done.
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