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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
Its got the 4.10's. The only concern i am having is justifying a purchase in this day and age that is going to get that sh1tty of gas milage. 8 is fine when im working because it is being charged on to the customer, but 14 is pretty damn low on the highway. If i fether the pedal and put cruise on my ram 1500 i will get around 20mpgs.
DO NOT EVER expect to get anything near 20 with a 5.4 or any gas powered super duty. I don't care what anyone says. I've owned a 5.4 and currently a V10 so I know what my numbers are. Yes the 5.4 was an ext cab and the V10 is a crew cab dually so they are heavier and a reg cab may get better due to less overall weight. But 20 mpgs, only in a diesel truck, maybe..... I owned a 05 5.4 F150 and that never got great mpgs either.

Let me ask why are highway mpgs so important? Is this "your" truck outside of work?
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