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Originally Posted by Cadzilla View Post
You have to hit the front roll bar incredibly hard to do damage like that.
you would be surprised. All our machines have damage to the front crash guard. Heck, the guard on our z plug got so damaged it was removed.

We will be switching this guard out for a new one off the batch of replacements that just arrived if it makes you all happy.
Looks like it was in a crash. Front is bent and boom is bent down.....????
front guard was indeed hit as stated above. Boom will be adjusted so it sits level when folded for transport.
those are easy to bend. we have one or two of them that are bent some, but not that much. our guys get too close to sign posts and trees sometimes i think.
thanks for the vote of confidence. We have not used this machine hard. Just used it.

Promise the buyer will be pleased.
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