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After many years of business, I've come to realize that many companies act like this as a business practice. They figure two things.
1. You need the money bad enough that you will accept the 30% offer
2. You are small time and do not have the deep pockets to follow through with the legal process to get your money which may take a couple of years.
3. Your attorney may suggest taking the settlement for the same reason. That a prolonged court battle will ramp up your fees and then he has a difficult time collecting from you.

I had a business partnership that desolved years ago. The daughter of my deceased partner (who was married to an attorney) told me flat out, that we will keep you and your attorney in court with continuances until you are to broke to ever see this through to get your money. I was young and stoopid and after a couple of months settled for about twenty cents on the dollar. I still kick myself today when I see things like this. Rockford is not to far from Chicago, "u want cousin guido's number"? JK I'm pissed just reading about this stuff.

PS: I think the lein is the way to go.
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