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Drought, restrictions, water conservation

I'm hoping this thread can be our "official" thread concerning all things related to drought, water shortages, restrictions, and maybe conservation.

We here in Colorado Springs area are in another drought period, and we will be having restrictions this year for the primary utility provider. They did have restrictions from 2002-2005 when things were bad then as well. Some of the smaller water providers have been on restrictions for a while now, which I think we should do full time, and forever due to our local conditions. We get about 16" of precip for our annual average, and we got about half that last year, along with our hottest summer on record. In an area that has very low overall humidity, and combined with high elevation that burns the grass easier just like it burns our skin easier, our lawns take a beating very fast.

I found this link today concerning our water shortage ordinance and all the different levels or stages of restrictions. I expect we will start out on either 3 days a week, or possibly even 2 days a week as utilities has hinted at. In a perfect world, with a perfect install, and perfect soil amendment, and the correct native turf for the area, two days a week watering works. But that is rarely the case and I don't know who lives in a perfect world.

I am going to do a better job this year of informing customers of our situation, and am in the process of putting together a small booklet or handout discussing our problem and what can be done. One thing they need to understand is that when there is a shortage of water, that might mean they do not have a thick lush green lawn. It means doing their part to save water, and accept a lawn less than perfect.

Any tips would be appreciated to best inform our customers/clients about what needs to be done. Not just for my customers, but every customer that utilizes water to maintain a green lawn around the country/world.
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