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Yes, for their sake, I hope it's fescue...IFF they want a green lawn July/Aug. BG has it's merits as far as self-repair and even appearance in Spring/Fall, but as a mowing guy I vastly prefer fescue just for the ease of side-discharging (or mulching). This particular new lawn in a new development will not have shade issues for a decade or longer, but fescue is more shade tolerant as well as more heat/drought tolerant around here.

I have a couple of customers who hail from Ohio/Penn region who insist on bluegrass and both re/overseed every year...and they both have too much shade and HUGE watering bills trying to keep it green in our brutal Summer's. Old dogs/ NO new tricks scenario. LOL

Thanks for your input. I've had these inner~questions re: sod for more than awhile...but since I don't dabble in renovations they've remained unanswered until now.
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