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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
I expect we will start out on either 3 days a week, or possibly even 2 days a week as utilities has hinted at.
Two days a week would be nice, City of Austin has been at one day a week for a while. Lucky the university does not have to follow those rules, but we have been working with the city on a pilot program. Instead of limiting the number of days to water, they limit the amount of water. We use a formula, supplied by the city, that determines what our maximum allotted amount of water we can use in a given month. This formula is based off square footage, plant material, Historic ET (WHICH I HATE ) and a few other factors. This allows us to continue to convert over to more efficient nozzles that require more time and to utilize cycle and soak methods.

We came within a month of having no water for irrigation...... Prepare now for this to continue this year and maybe many years to come.
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