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Originally Posted by Larson Lawn Care View Post
I was considering the 30 day demo for jobber. I emailed sap a long list of questions, and I would like to email the same questions to you Jeff. One question that I did not ask sap that I have for you is: do you offer free customer service? With every software I have owned, they offer x amount of free help with the software, after that, they want to charge for it and there was no way after paying the money that I did for the software that I would pay them to help me with it.
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We would be happy to answer all of your questions. Actually, the best thing to do is to send it to, that way they will get answered by the first available account rep. Not trying to pass the buck here but they have way more technical knowledge than I do so that is probably your best bet.

To your second question: of course we offer free customer service! I find it appalling that you would be charged for support.

We really pride ourselves (and are becoming known for) our great customer service. To start off - I always recommend the free one-on-one demos so that you can become familiar with how to use Jobber for your business. The best way to get help would be through email or submitting a support ticket (I like that way since you can see what actions are taken to get it resolved). Of course you can always give us a shout too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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