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get a husqvarna 324ldx trimmer and get an edger attachment. it's a true honda engine 4 stroke and requires no mixing of oil. you use less gas and you don't have to buy oil to mix with the gas. the engines last longer than 2 strokes and they have more torque as well which is what you need for edging. i have one and i love it. i also have a honda trimmer with the same engine that i've been using for 10 years with no problems. i wanted a honda edger but they didn't make one so the husqvarna choice was the only one that uses the same engine. husqvarna doesn't sale just an edger with that engine though so you have to buy the trimmer that accepts different attachments. it's ok though because you'll always have a backup trimmer that way in case your main trimmer goes down. husqvarna does sale the 224ldx which is a trimmer only that doesn't accept edger attachments but the edger only ones they sale are 2 strokes. there's also other attachments you can use if you want like shrub trimmers and such if you get the 324ldx.


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