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Hey pieperlc, thanks for sending me over here. In summary - YES, We can do that! Haha

Jobber handles all of the functions you mentioned except maybe the specific formatting detail of the job costing you are looking for. We just introduced expense tracking but realistically have to further develop the product to get to that level of detail for cost/sq foot etc.

The good news though is that we have been helping companies go entirely paperless by keeping all aspects of the business online and in one place. We have not yet released the app but that is definitely planned for the future.

We do have full mobile access so you can do all of the things mentioned above including estimating, mapping, scheduling, job tracking, time tracking, billing, tracking payments, etc. All of these are available from any web connected device so you have full access in the field or in the office. You can email the client quotes and invoices and all of the information is stored and easily accessible with the powerful search function.

We also have a Chemical Tracking Add-on to track all of the same spreadsheet info previously mentioned in this thread. It was built to satisfy all of the regulatory standards. Many jurisdictions require that chemical and pesticide use be tracked and stored for up to seven years so it is nice to always have immediate access.

I think our price point is also a lot easier to swallow than that of the competition. Jobber is only $29 per month (plus the chemical tracking add-on is $3).

Sorry for the novel of a post. Anyway, we offer a free 30 day trial so feel free to check it out for yourself!

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