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Been a while since I've been on, but this is something that I've always looked into and will try to turn it into a money maker.

I know my counter part here "kiril" doesn't like lawns because the truth be told, they do need water and chems to look nice. But even native plants need to b watered and here in my area, people are to lazy or don't have the time to water and want it done automatically.

On subject:
Check they function properly? Are they set at proper height?

Water practices.... do they water at the best time.....

from lawn maintenance issue, reliance more on iron fortified fertilizers.....less watering, don't push growth
example "Best" a j.r.simplot soil improvement company has a 5%iron mini prill fertilizer which won't really push grass but will green it up. Can also be used on flowering plants, but need to watch amount.
Cut grass at a higher height...height equals water retention

Thats from the lawn maintenance side.........
Then they can always go to synthetic lawns

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