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Flat rate billing?

I'm going to start billing my customers a flat rate this year and I'm a little stuck on how I should structure the payments. I'm in NJ so the growing season runs from Apr 1st - Oct 31st. That's about 32 cuts a year. So I know that, but what about lawns that have sprinkler systems or have their lawn fertilized regularly. These lawns ALWAYS grow thicker, longer and faster. Originally I was thinking I would just charge everyone 32 cuts no matter if they had a sprinkler system or not, and then just tell them that I bag on an "as needed" basis. So if I had to bag the lawn or cut it twice on any particular visit, then I would just charge them a dumping & maintenance fee accordingly on top of their monthly bill. Now I don't know. I feel like it might be better to just charge 36-38 cuts for these people. This way they won't constantly see an extra charge on their bill when I have to bag the grass and hopefully cause less confusion. What do you think?
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