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I am in North Texas and we have always had some watering restrictions for as long as I can recall. Much of it has to do with structural issues.
The most general restriction is no watering between 10 am to 6 pm
The next step is often day of the week and twice per week.
Then it gets tighter from there.

I wrote this a few years ago. Do not nit pick it too much as it was edited for space and I see a few errors.

This pre-dates much of the materials water sense is now using on their website.

The North Central Texas Counsel of Governments has identified irrigation waste as one area to reduce overall consumption to allow for growth without building more. Besides that, we are running out of people willing to let the big city take their land to build lakes.
Clearly, I had several agenda’s here including getting water sense to recognize our mandatory training vs the IA training. I know the IA program is good. I self-studied for it and flew to another state to take the exam. I passed the exam but could not find someone local to let me do the audit required.
You can do fliers but you will likely be more effective looking for a BOMI, RMFP and IFMA trade groups, submit a similar letter to them. Likewise, we often get a newsletter with our water bill about various community happenings and that includes saving water.
Exhibit gardens are replacing some turf as well, using xeriscaping and drip. Smart companies are using more and more of this style of landscape down here.

Thanks for the great thread
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