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Originally Posted by yamadooski View Post
Sago is cyad not a palm same for travelers its not a palm its a tree.
The cyads rarely ever freeze there would have to be snow sitting on top of it for several days......ggeeeesh
Even during the 13 day hard freeze in florida a few years ago sagos didn't die.
It either nutrient deficiency or other which is the biggest problem that not even one you brought up was "ASIAN SCALE"
If there are white bumps on the bottoms of the frongs you have Asian scale
by which you need to take off each frong off so only the trunk is showing have it sprayed. If you try spraying it yourself it will be super expensive.
Before they had chemicals for this I told all customers to use Hartz flea and tick spray. That was only a temporary fix.
My thought too; Asian Scale. It just about wiped out Florida's crop not too log ago. Nutritional deficiencies would have manifested prior to the cold season.

I'd check for scale. If found, try Imidachloprid or Dinotefuran.

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