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Originally Posted by jc1 View Post
How do you plan on charging for 36 or 38 cuts in a 30 week period?

Even with irrigation and the fact that we are further south occasionally we will have a 32 week season. We charge by the cut if its 28 one year or 32 the next.
well there's 31 weeks to be exact.. but in May you are either double cutting every lawn or bagging to keep them looking good. so i would think that extra work is enough to warrant a 32 cut estimate. I admit 36-38 cuts is probably a little extreme but the grass definitely grows faster if they water it year round, not to mention fert apps. 34 is probably more accurate. The reason why I'm suggesting charging for more weeks is to offset the added time due to cutting grass that grows exceptionally fast because of this. Even though I wouldn't be actually cutting them this many times, it would merely serve as a way of accounting for my extra time.

for example: if you have a lawn that you charge $35 a cut and you estimate their lawn for 34 cuts, then that's 2 extra cuts OR $70 extra to cover any additional time and costs. The other guy above mention charging more per cut which I guess I could do also. So let's say $2.25 more per cut, bringing me 32 x 2.25= $72. Roughly the same outcome..
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