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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Awesome Trucks greg78! Those 5.0 cheyenne's are rare! And honestly I would love to have that Van in my fleet because I feel as if they are so handy for transporting plants or chemicals, or tools, or some equipment, or workers... I knew a crew in the suburbs of Boston that used one of the big box type trucks(you know the ones the bigger companies have with the hydraulic ramp out of the back) Google "Super Lawn Trucks" Anyway, the one that they had was only a 3 seater, but the cargo area was huge! I swear they would pack that thing with 6 walkers and 2 walk behinds..... And what was driving behind it? A van just like yours that was outfitted to carry a bunch of passengers(seatbelts included) And, conversion ready cargo space as well. Anyway, big fan of your trucks bud.. keep it up!
I've used the van a lot. I used to load my Turf Tracer in it and do properties on the beach was really nice with limited parking.

Thanks for the complements.
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