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Glad my buddy did tell me about this site. Everyone on here was a lot of help. I offered money up front for equipment, full price, $37,000. And after that 2x monthly contracts of however many customer signed the contracts that he already sent out. $6000/month would equal $12,000 more on top of equipment. He did not take offer, told me I was low balling him, he already spent $800 on a lawyer writing up the contract, yada yada yada. In addition, he did agree to 3 year no compete plus no compete on contracts signed this year. He wanted me to sign 3 year no compete on landscaping and pass all landscaping on to him. I can't do that. He did lower his price from $60,000 to $55,000 to $52,000. I am starting to wonder why he wants money up front so bad. Something fishy going on.
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