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Originally Posted by pieperlc View Post
I wanted to bump this up and see where everyone is at on this tablet/smartphone concept. Any apps out there that does stuff like this? I would like to work towards paperless in the truck and office. I little daunting getting started trying to find apps/create databases. Ideally I would like an app that I can create a route list by selecting customers from a list. I can then select what products we're using from a list. On the route the tech can enter time in/out and products used. These paperless "slips" can be emailed to customer and transferred to the office for billing and recording purposes. In the computer I would like to be able to sort by date, or by customer to make it easy to find them. I would be great if I could also put these into a format for job costing purposes as well. ie. time per sq ft, time per stop, etc. Anyone have suggestions where to find this? I don't have a huge budget and I'm probably asking too much considering my budget but something like this would be awesome. I really don't want to purchase software, but I'm probably looking at a software solution more than an app?
-Hopefully my ramblings made sense.

Charles- Are you using an app on your smartphone or just going with spreadsheets?

Falcon- Any luck finding apps and forms.

I am using a smart phone and printing each one out

This is a word program that i made i don't think you can save it to a folder that would be nice

Charles Cue
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