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Originally Posted by S&MLL View Post
7 percent failure rate is enough to jeopardize your name with a client
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Not sure what that means. Like I said, the 2 were on the same tree on same line. They may have went out due to another reason like a surge or I was thinking the fixtures got hit with a falling branch after Hurricane Sandy. Not sure.

There warranty beats anyone out there. I used to install Unique and now when I have a bad fixture I have to remove it, bring it to distributor, wait 3-6 weeks to get back refurbished fixture, pick it up, go back and install it. This year I had 4 fixtures to wait for but I just replaced them with new Volt fixtures. I will use the Uniques for demos. By the way, Cast was the same way. Actually cast I believe wanted to charge for repair on a Savhanna..thats the one that they hang a 20lb shade on a 1/4" hollow brass nipple. They had 4 broken ones.

With volt I have not had a problem with any fixture installed so far but all I would do is go to house, call volt, wait 3 days, install new fixture.

Another reason for Volt..aka "the Devil" is the pricing, I do not install lighting exclusively so I found that I was having a hard time selling Cast or Unique when competing with ligthing only compaines due to the high cost. People always had the "while your here" should be cheaper. I still use Cast and Unique for certain fixtures that Volt does not make but I know I am getting more jobs while installing irrigation due to the slightly lower cost I am able to offer.
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