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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
i wanted to use barricade for round #1 then dimension for the round 2 but i wanted to do something different since i used barricade in the fall. and also when i went to find liquid barricade all they had was the WDG.. do they make that in liquid form? i highly doubt my sprayer will handle anything but liquid herbicides. shurflo electric pump with jet agitation. I had to many problems trying to run that crap through similar pumps when i worked at orkin long time ago. I definetly have alot of work to do on my program, and plenty of time to figure it out. its not something i sell much of anyway.. looks like i'm getting more mowing customers than anything.
Granular pre works fine just is expensive for the smaller guys. No that backpack won't be the best for applying wdg bit might work. If you plan on staying in this business I suggest a tank. John Deere has great financing options. That's how I got started with a 200 gallon from them. Now we run 4 trucks. Just saying.
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