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You said in a previous post you used Landscape Management Network. What do you not like about that program? Or are you still going to be using that?

Originally Posted by merrimacmill View Post
Like mentioned before, Jobber is not an all in one solution. It does lack in some major areas, but I have been messing with the trial and think I might just sign up for it. The reason is I truly believe they will fix these issues, and give us what we need. I like the young entrepreneurial nature that the company seems to have.

The jobcosting with simple start/stop button would simply be a life changer. I know SAP has this, but my understanding is it doesn't work correctly. Jobber does have time tracking functionality, but it is cumbersome to use. If it was someone in the office, sitting there in front of a computer, it would not be bad. But in the field, entering hour, minute, am/pm for an in and out at every stop is just not reasonable. It also eliminates the guys need to report the "real" times when in the field.

Jobber, if you can give us expense tracking (which I know is in the works), that ties into specifically a simple START/STOP button time tracking feature for jobcosting, your product will be a complete home run. I truly believe that the addition of these two components is the recipe to Jobber being the perfect solution for so many people, and its popularity would instantly skyrocket. But not having these areas just eliminates so many reasons to move to a software like that, it presents a HUGE gap in what we need.

I want to be able to search profitability by job, based on the actual time spent on site. Instantly identify by a percentage what accounts are profitable and are not profitable, as the season progresses. I want to be able to organize that list in several different ways, most profitable to least profitable, etc. Its pretty simple, I have already programed this into a database (its just cumbersome to use and requires double data entry), so I know you guys have the capability to program this into your software.
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