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What happened to your website???

Tried to get on your website this morning to order some more blades for my 61" Grasshopper, edger blades, and a set of slicer knives for my Blue bird machine and found that your website is a total mess! I've always had great luck finding and buying what I've needed in the past, and now I can't locate anything. Clicked on "grasshopper" and then "blades" and the search just comes up with ALL blades. Plus the descriptions are now very vague, inaccurate, or just non existent. (i.e. the high lift blades for my 61" machine, 2 @ 21" long each says that they fit a 52" machine.) Edger blades I found most have NO center hole dimension given...

I'm VERY dissapointed! I've been buying Oregon blades from MowPart for several years and now am going to have to go elsewhere so I can be assured that I'm ordering the correct items. I much prefer Oregon blades for my 48" walker too as they have a larger lift sail than even the factory high lifts.
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