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I use Grounds Keeper Pro. Although getting things set up and started is easy, and most of the product is pretty intuitive, there are some strange shortcomings. For example, you can print out your daily schedule(s) but it doesn't allow to change the order of the jobs. Weird, eh? Another thing you can't do is enter driving time between jobs. It is nice to figure out man hours and unfortunately driving time is a significant part of that. It would be nice if they added some way to keep track of this. I wish they would make it so you can set your sales tax rate globally. I wish they would make it so you can view your schedule daily, weekly, and monthly. The scheduling feature is cumbersome and needs work. I also wish they would add an option to enter your mileage(s) each day. Another annoyance is you can't change a customer ID number once it has been established. I would like to have each customers ID number start with a letter to represent their service day of the week but once you set the ID number it can't be changed. A strange omission in functionality is you can't select multiple lines when you are scheduling work. This slows down the scheduling process significantly and it seems like such an easy fix.

I do like how it handles creating/printing invoices, setting up services and setting those prices, and more. I like their pre-printed invoice forms. They work great with windowed envelopes which reduces labor in the office. I think most of the annoyances are pretty minor fixes which makes it frustrating that they haven't just taken care of them. I agree with another user who said it is a bit cartoonish. They are offering business software - they should get away from the cartoonish image. It turned me off a bit too, although I did go ahead and buy the product.

Lastly, I have dealt with them a bit on the phone and I felt like they really do care. That helps.

I'm saying a couple good programmers could turn this "okay" piece of software into a good piece of software with a few days of hard work. I wish they would roll out an update!
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